Duck Race 2021

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Romeo Esmenda

$50.00 April 21, 2021

Monina Redondo

$51.43 April 20, 2021

Regina Aguilar

$10.00 April 19, 2021

Good job. More power to you!


Carter Dorzbacher

$51.43 April 18, 2021

Thanks, Daniel, Keep up the good work.


Felora Tejero

$51.43 April 18, 2021

Emma Wittstein

$51.43 April 18, 2021

Teresita Reylado

$20.76 April 17, 2021

Elvira Redulla

$20.76 April 17, 2021

Keep up the good work Daniel


Susan Manahan

$20.76 April 15, 2021

2nd Greatest Commandment “Love your neighbor as yourself” God Bless you.


Sharlene Mae Jimenez

$30.98 April 15, 2021

Arnel Manahan

$20.76 April 15, 2021

Keep up the good work. God Bless you.


Gisela Marin

$20.76 April 3, 2021

my 2 ducks are Lucky and Candi
🐤🐤 lol

It looks like a duck. It acts like a duck. It is a duck race to make a positive impact in the lives of Westchester residents facing a hardship. Every Spring, floating down the Sing Sing Kills Brook are hundreds of rubber ducks reflecting how neighbors help neighbors in our community. This year’s race will be held on Saturday May 29th, 2021.

This event was run by the Ossining Rotary Club. After emceeing for three years, Matt Gullotta agreed to make this a Gullotta House activity. Basically, friends and family are able to make small donations in a (slightly) competitive environment. A single duck cost $10. A quack pack of five cost $50. A flock of 13 cost $100. This year’s fundraising goal is $10,000.

Our 2020 Virtual Duck Race was held May 30th on Facebook Live and was a big success. In 2020, we had a 1st prize of $1,350. Click these links to see videos of our 2017 Charity Duck Race and 2018 Duck Race  on Facebook.

Don’t forget to spread the word. Challenge your friends or family members to help raise money by buying ducks. Earn bragging rights to see whose duck crosses the finish line first to become a champion on the big day! More importantly, your donations can help create memories for local youths. Our programs offer a little inspiration through cultural enrichment or eases some of the financial burden of higher education. Please consider contributing to our online fundraising activities and come out to cheer on your favorite ducks participating in the race of their life!

A wide variety of initiatives are underwritten by raising general funds. In addition, when we can, we partner with local organizations to amplify our impact. Our annual event with the Westchester Knicks is an example of just that. Over the past five years, we’ve been able to send over 1,500 children under 18 to watch a professional basketball game for free. This quality family time at this fun-filled event is one of many ways we try to contribute to our community.

Another general objective is to fund scholarships for High School students continuing their education. In recent years, the Gullotta House has awarded a dozen scholarships ranging from $250 to $1,000 to Ossining High School seniors who’ve matriculated to various universities, including Gettysburg, Marist, SUNY Buffalo, Northeastern, SUNY Purchase, Fashion Institute of Technology, and the University of Rhode Island, among others.

As you know, children are our greatest assets. Sometimes a small moment or a helping hand at a pivotal junction can be the difference between continuing a positive path, standing still, or heading in the wrong direction. With our duck race, we raise funds with an eye towards building kinship among our community members and investing in local youth and their well-being.

Gullotta House is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping local residents. In contrast to other charitable organizations, there is no reference to past income if at the moment a family is in need.