Thanksgiving 2022

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Thank You To Our Donors!

Gullotta House is partnering with St Ann’s to provide a Thanksgiving meal to members of our community. All who would like or are in need of a meal are invited to join us for the 2022 Thanksgiving dinner at St Ann’s school gym. This year’s festivities will be held on Sunday November 20th, from 1:30 – 6:00pm. In addition to a sit down meal, we will have grab and go meals available and will be delivering meals to disabled or seniors upon request.

Last November, Gullotta House hosted its 6th annual Turkeys for Thanksgiving Dinner at St. Ann’s Church in Ossining. This event provided a full meal for 397 veterans, seniors and residents facing hardship. Additionally, $1,250 in gift cards and over 300 turkeys were distributed to other needy families.

With the New York City job market, stellar K-12 education system, and beautiful Hudson Valley surrounding us, living in Westchester County is indeed something to be thankful for.  Our 968,000 residents enjoy  a median household income approaching $95K.  However, 9.44% of locals live below the poverty line which means that some 90,000 have daily financial challenges.  Then there are those who have acute situations such as a sudden illness or job loss that can create a need to figure out how to put food on the table or how to pay the next month’s rent.

There are charitable organizations that help many individuals but are limited to providing assistance to only those below a certain income level.  At Gullotta House, we have no such restriction and recognize that past earnings might not be relevant in a current situation.  We strive to help Westchester residents in need, regardless of past income.  Sometimes that can be a one-time or short-term cash gift.  Other times it could be fellowship, a hot meal, or nice night out or a combination of all three.

Thanksgiving is among the most beloved of all holidays when friends, old and new, can get together, share a meal, and express gratitude for the good things in their lives.  A well-cooked meal provided by loving hands can heal some rifts and get us to focus a little less on our troubles and to concentrate on other important things.


At Gullotta House, we are thankful to our many contributors, volunteers, advisors, suppliers and recipient for allowing us to do what we love – helping our neighbors in need.  Keep reading throughout our website to find out how to get involved as a donor or volunteer to enable our mission of neighbors helping neighbors.